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  • Attached lid container 300x400x320 mm

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    • Attached lid container based on Euronorm;
    • The top can be closed thanks to the attached lid;
    • Both stackable and nestable;
    • Available in grey, red and blue.

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    Prezzo a partire da: 4,60 €
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    Attached lid container 300x400x320 mm

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    The attached lid container features a two-piece lid. When open, the container is nestable for the purpose of saving space. When closed, the containers are stackable.

    Attached lid containers are ideal for safely transporting items. This is why attached lid containers are sometimes also called transport containers. In addition, the grips on the containers make them easy to lift.

    The dimensions of the attached lid containers are in accordance with the Euro Standard (Euronorm), which means they can be stacked alongside each other on a Euro pallet, thus optimising the use of space.

    This attached lid container has a load capacity of 25 kg and a maximum stacking load of 100 kg. This means that a single container can support a stack of 4 fully filled containers of the same model.


    In accordance with Euro Standard: Yes

    Stackable: Yes

    Nestable: Yes

    Material: Polypropylene (PP)

    Colour: Grey, Blue, Red

    Load capacity: 25 kg

    Maximum stacking load: 100 kg

    Volume: 28 L

    Width: 300 mm

    Length: 400 mm

    Height: 320 mm

    Internal dimensions L x W x H: 270 x 345 x 305 mm

    Weight: 1.65 kg