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  • Plastic Storage Bins

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    • Both stackable, nestable and hangable;
    • Features an attached label holder;
    • Available in grey, blue and red.

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    Prezzo a partire da: 0,24 €
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    Plastic Storage Bins

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    Plastic storage bins are ideal for storing spare parts and small equipment. Therefore, they are also called parts bins.

    These plastic storage bins are designed to enable the content to be accessed easily. This is possible thanks to the lowered front. A label can also be inserted in the label holder on the front.

    The plastic storage bins are stackable, nestable and hangable. That makes them not only very convenient to use, but also easy to store. At the rear they can be hung from a strip, rail, or panel. When the plastic storage bins are nested, they occupy 82% less space.

    The plastic storage bins can withstand oil, acids and fats and are safe for storing food.


    In accordance with Euro Standard: No

    Stackable: Yes

    Nestable: Yes

    Material: Polypropylene carbonate (PPC)

    Colour: Grey, Blue, Red